Dearest readers, followers and friends,

I am writing to let you know that this will be my last post on this blog.

Someone who was not meant to read this blog found it and found what I have recently written rather hurtful. I am sorry if I have made this person sad. It was not my intention. If I were Bridget Jones I would try to follow this person outside in the snow while wearing tiger-themes knickers. But I am not Bridget Jones, there’s no snow, I only wear black or white knickers and I doubt this person has gone to buy me a new diary.

When I opened this blog, for a while I wondered if anyone would read it, if it had any purpose. It did. It was the best way to avoid feeling an alien in real life, to find friends and support when I couldn’t find it elsewhere. To help people occasionally. Through this blog I have found some beautiful people who I would love to meet in real life.

This is just a goodbye and I’ll most likely be in touch again through a new blog with an extremely cryptic name, an even more cryptic username, and which I shall never check from my husband’s computer to the cost of disappearing for a while.

I will miss this blog. If there’s one thing I liked is that it has put in touch people from France with others abroad. It’s made me feel like a bit of a bridge through nations. Sorry, I exaggerate but right now I need to boost up my self confidence.

But then it may be time to have a big makeover and find a less depressive name.

To Evelyn, I understand you even better now. To the few real life friends who read this blog, I ever so much appreciate your discretion. It would have been easy for you to give away the address to other friends. Thanks for not doing it. Even if they will not read this, I would like to thank my sister, who has the password to my email, spent her teen age years reading my letters and who yet understood that this time it was not for her to read this, and above all my husband, who has had a chance to read from the beginning since I am not so discrete at home. Thank you for not reading.

Since I’ll be more cryptic about my Parisian life in the next blog, a Parisian song for this farewell:

A bientôt!

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